Factors considered when hiring an external house painter

The process of painting a home is very important, but it is very complicated. Every homeowner should make sure that his home is painted to improve its appearance. Painting is one of the processes that are helpful in increasing the home’s value. It is, therefore, a job that needs to be done the right way to make your house look great.

Hiring a professional painter will help you in saving money and time. These professional are trained on how to pick the best paint colour to obtain a superior finish. Painting can increase the value of your home by 2.5 %. The following are some of the useful tips that you need to consider when hiring a painter.


You should hire a professional painter. Consulting your friends and colleagues can help you in finding a reputable painter. Professional painters are also insured and licensed. Painting the exterior of a house requires one to have a durable paint and other essential tools such as brushes. Hiring a professional will save you the energy of maintaining these tools and cleaning them. These professional have all the necessary tools required to in panting.

Time factor

Painting should be done when it is sunny and dry. This is meant to give both the primer and paint time to dry. Some seasons such as Oregon’s winter can be brutal. Professional painters can identify the best time of doing their painting job by working around the Mother Nature. In addition to that, a professional will always ensure that the job is done within the shortest time possible making it convenient for those individuals who are interested in selling their properties right away. They are also capable of identifying the warning signs that indicate that painting is necessary.

Cost incurred

Most of the professional painters will charge you depending on the size of your home. For instance, they charge around $ 2,000 for one-story home. Some of the painters who charge a small amount of money are known for doing substandard work. A professional painter will help you in estimating the overall cost of your painting job.


How long the job will take

External painting is a very sensitive job. It cannot be stopped midway. Doing the job right will save you the money that would be spent in hiring someone else to repeat the painting work. Repeating the painting job can affect your schedule and inflate your refurbishing budget.