Bathroom basins are one of the essential bathroom components. They are also known as wash basins, sinks or hand basins. They are used for personal hygiene purposes such as washing of people’s hands. There are numerous designs of bathroom basins in the market. They come in different designs, shapes, and style to accommodate the desires, tastes, preferences, and requirements of all people. This guide is meant to guide you on how to purchase and choose these essential bathroom products most efficiently and safely.


These basins are one of the essential plumbing fixtures that are used for washing people’s hands. They are designed with faucets (taps) for supplying cold and hot water as well as controlling the flow rate of water. The drain is another important feature of these basins. This feature is used in removing the used water after washing. There is another special type of a basin that is widely used in the kitchen. This basin has a flexible hose that makes food washing and the rinsing of the plates easier.

Materials used in making bathroom basins

The following are the common types of materials used in bathroom basins

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Nickel
  • Concrete
  • glass
  • Copper
  • Marble
  • Enamel
  • Granite

Basins made from enamel are very popular because they are durable, versatile and heavy. These basins come in different shapes and colour, and they are highly resistant to cold or hot objects. However, enamel basins are susceptible to corrosion and breaking as compared to the glass type. Another common type of bathroom basin is the ceramic basin. These basins have the same characteristics as the enamel ones.

Main types of bathroom basins


Semi pedestal basins

This is special bathroom basin that is mounted on to the bathroom’s wall. It is designed in such a way that it can coverup the pipe works thereby creating stylish and a modern look. During the installation process, this basin should be mounted properly on the wall because it cannot take a lot of weight.

Wall mounted basin

This is fitted straight on to the bathroom’s wall without a pedestal. These basins are designed with decorative bottle traps as additional features.


This basin is mounted onto the countertop directly. Once it is fitted, its basin protrudes from the unit. With this basin, the paperwork is hidden inside to give it an elegant and sleek appearance

Other types of bathroom basins

Full pedestal- this is basin that stands straight on the ground. It is specially designed to cover up your sinks pipework.
Countertop basin- It sits directly on the bathroom’s countertop. It is known for its stylish and modern appearance.